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Got Stress? Dr. D explains what stress is, what causes stress,
how it is bad for our bodies, and how to get rid
of the stress in your life.
Put some fun in the workplace
  • Create a "Humor Committee." Assign several people to develop a monthly humor list.
  • Designate a casual dress day. Encourage fun wear, i.e. Funny hat day, black tie and gown.
  • Use celebrity or imitate funny voice when leaving message on voice mail or on answering machine.
  • Circulate Letterman's top 10 list to staff each week.
  • Celebrate employee birthdays and anniversaries
  • Use Nerf toys to break tension in meetings.
  • Collect baby pictures of executives, frame and display in lobby with welcome sign to visitors
  • Offer "well days" instead of sick days to reward employees with perfect work attendance.
  • Include a cartoon of the week with each paycheck envelope.
  • Present employee of the month with funny T-shirt and insist it be worn the next day/week.

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