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The News is out, Dr. D and Humor for Health are a smash hit. Here is what Corporate America is saying about it
Charles Bolton - Division Manager, AT & T
"Little did I know that there was a resource such as yourself available in the Atlanta area.
Your content and presentation hit the mark exactly as hoped for."

Patrick C. Will - President, National Association of Credit Management
"When we invited you to address our Association, our primary request was very simple. Please
give them your message and make them laugh! You succeeded tremendously, and we would like
to express our gratitude for your professionalism and your sincerity."

Renita A. Gilmore - Georgia Power
"You had excellent things to say about incorporating humor in the workplace, not taking
ourselves too seriously, and keeping things in perspective. I have definitely noticed a change in
attitudes and more laughter around the workplace."

Elizabeth B. Franks - Executive Director, National Refrigeration Contractors Association
"Dear Dr. Desaulniers
Thank you so much for your lively presentation on "Managing Stress with Humor" at the recent
NRCA Annual Meeting in Key Largo. Your laugh filled session certainly ended the meeting on a
high note and gave our members some truly meaningful take-home value. Your fun style and
upbeat manner left everyone feeling good. Thank you for traveling to our meeting and for the
time and energy that you put into the presentation. It was a great fit for our group. I look forward
to future opportunities to work together.
Thanks for the laughs and the lessons!"

Helena C. Douglas - Assistant Director, Clemson University - College of Business & Public Affairs
"Dear Joel:
I want to thank you for the contribution you made to the success of the Professional
Development for Women conference held this week in Atlanta, Georgia. The participants gave the
conference high ratings and this is in large part due to the quality presentation you gave.
Sincere thanks for all your efforts in making this conference a winner!"

J. Lee Gregory - Atlanta Vest Group
Dear Dr. Joel:
"On behalf of the members and attendees from far and wide of the Vector Vest Pro-Graphics
weekend seminar, I am writing to express our thanks for your outstanding performance at our
banquet. Your middle name must stand for laughter, that is all our guests were able to do. I
commend you for the cleanliness of your talk. It was a pleasant and informative evening for all
our guests and I heard many good comments about your talk. You deserve a great deal of credit
for the message you deliver. We appreciate your assistance in making our banquet a huge

Gloria H. Stahle - President/CEO, Brain Injury Association of Georgia
"Dear Dr. Desaulniers:
On behalf of the Brain Injury Association of Georgia, thank you for the presentation you made at
our Stakeholders Conference. You made the audience laugh and learn at the same time! The
information you presented on how to manage stress was useful for the professionals, brain injury
survivors and family caregivers attending the conference. Your time spent with us particularly
enriched the lives of people with brain injury who struggle with isolation, dependence, lack of
acceptance and limited fun in their daily lives and helped them to take a few minutes to see life's
challenges from a lighter perspective. It was delightful to see them demonstrating the "anatomy of
a laugh." Thank you again for presenting at our conference."

Liane Levetan - Chief Executive Officer, DeKalb County
"Dear Dr. Desaulniers;
Many thanks for your presentation at the DeKalb County executive seminar. Some of the
comments we received from participants included "informative and entertaining" as well as "very
well presented and so timely." We heartly appreciate what you brought to our government
leaders and hope that you can do a return trip soon"

Bill Page - FMSEC lst Vice President, Colgate-Palmolive Co.
"Dear Dr. Desaulniers,
Thank you for speaking at the Food Manufacturers Sales Executive Club of Atlanta Publix night
meeting. Your talk was not only informative and educational in regards to handling everyday
stress in our lives, it was extremely humorous and entertaining as well. It's refreshing to see
someone who's not suffering from "terminal seriousness." Congratulations on the outstanding

Stephen Ciaccio - Director Parks and Recreation, City Of Smyrna
"Dear Joel,
Please allow me to pay you a compliment or two. The "Humor for Health" talks that you've been
conducting at the Community Center over the last two years continue to be very well received by
our patrons. Typically, long running programs generate a regular public response during the first
few months only. The "Humor for Health" series has been different, however. Compliments are
still coming in from faithful fans and newcomers alike. The diversity in the series is partly
responsible but I also believe that your participants are genuinely impacted by your helpful
suggestions and laughter they enjoy and want others to know as well. Our Programs Division
staff have received praise for having the forethought to have added "Humor for Health" as a
regular program. It is not often that we receive glowing commentary unless we ourselves have
done the work. Your talks at the Center have put the department and City in a positive light and
for this we are grateful. Again, thanks for enriching our program offerings. You have truly made
a difference."

Carolyn Whitman - Human Resources Coord., SOUTHERN MOTOR CARRIERS
"Dr. Joel,
You were a big hit at our company. I have scheduled several speakers in the past to speak to our
group, however, I got more feedback from our staff on your presentation than any other speaker
we have scheduled. You were the topic of discussion for several days. You made us all laugh
including some of the prune faces and put us all in a better frame of mind. Many thanks to you
for a job well done. We will remember you for some of our future function."

Judi Nesbitt - Senior Health Plus/Good Life Club Assistant, WELLSTAR Cobb Hospital
"Dear Dr. Desaulniers:
On behalf of the Senior Health Plus/Good Life Club, I want to thank you for speaking to us at our
Friday Forum today. The laughter from the group was proof that your remarks were appreciated
and enjoyed. If you need a reference for future audience, please feel free to use our group of
senior adults. Thanks again for your advice on how to reduce everyday stress through laughter.
You brought many smiles today."

Tom Graf, CAE - Executive Director, Atlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities Promoting Abilities and Participation
"Dear Joel:
Thanks again for speaking to our Manager Retreat on "Humor in the Work Place and Stress
Reduction". We appreciated you humor and unique presentation. You definitely kept everyone
awake and laughing after a heavy lunch. I received many positive comments from our staff on
how much they enjoyed your presentation. This turned out to be one of our best training retreats
ever and you played a major role in that success. I can honestly say I ended the day in good
spirits and was calm going home in Atlanta's rush hour traffic. I would be pleased to recommend
your program to my associates in the Association business. Good luck and best wishes. Hope to
see you at future Georgia Society of Association Executives meetings."

Lee Davis - Vice President Membership Development, Clayton County Chamber of Commerce
"Dear Dr. Joel,
Thank you so much for speaking at our Early Bird Breakfast. Lately our speakers have been of a
serious nature, so you really gave us a treat. Several of our members took time to tell me how
much they enjoyed your presentation. From time to time, I receive calls from area groups asking
for speaker recommendations, and I hope you won't mind if I refer some of these calls to you. I
have taken to heart your reminder to include humor in the course of the day, and have been
trying to get in one good giggle per day since. Thank you again for a fun and funny eye-opener."

Brenda Hinds Pool, MSPH, CIH - Occupational Health and Safety Officer, Georgia State University
"Dear Dr. Desaulniers:
I want to thank you for coming and presenting "Dr, D's Humor for Health Talks" for us. I was
thoroughly entertained and enlightened. I feel that everyone could benefit from learning to laugh
more. Judging from the evaluations I solicited from the participants I wasn't the only one that felt
this way. I hope you will help us out once again by selecting a date in March of 1999 and come
back to speak to us once more."

Frances J. Rakestraw - Vice President Paulding Charter Chapter ABWA, American Business Women's Association
"Dear Dr. Desaulniers:
Thank you for a splendid program at our meeting. You had everyone laughing and all went home
looking on the lighter side. I am sure our ABWA members will now put into play in their own
lives some of your "stress relievers." As for myself, I have already started. I do hope the list I
provided you will benefit your bookings. Rest assured that I will continue to recommend you to
different organizations that I come in contact with as a must speaker. Again, thanks for bringing
laughter and humor to our meeting."

Patricia Warnock - Activity Director, Atherton Place
"Dr. Joel Desaulniers presented a program on humor for our residents at Atherton Place
Retirement Community last evening. He was very relaxed which made his audience relaxed. His
'off the cuff' humor, jokes and stories were very entertaining and kept our residents attention very
well. His tips on using humor to relieve stress seemed to be very well taken. Many residents
commented to him and to the Activity staff about how much they enjoyed his presentation. The
philosophy of the activity staff is that we do not stop laughing because we grow old; rather that
we grow old because we stop laughing. Dr. Desaulniers' presentation gave our residents many
good laughs and on the serious side, some 'food for thought.'"

John Adams - John Adams Residential Real Estate Services
"Dear Joel:
What a great job! You kept our members chuckling and gave us an important message all at the
same time. Surely this world would be a better place if we would take ourselves a little less
seriously and lighten up. For this thought and for all of our many smiles this afternoon, I want to
say "Thank You!" I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to share your philosophy with us,
and I look forward to seeing you again soon. With best regards, I am"

George H. Williams - Region VIII, Director, Correctional Education Association
"Dear "DOC":
It was indeed a pleasure meeting you at our Spring Conference of the Correctional Education
Association, Region VIII, in Atlanta last month. As I promised you at the time, I am writing this
letter as a recommendation to any group looking for a very funny guy to thoroughly entertain
them as a guest speaker. We had 150 delegates at the Tuesday luncheon, and every one of them
enjoyed your presentation. That is quite a complement, when you consider that most of those 150
are school teachers, and it is very difficult to entertain one of them for very long, especially for an
hour. My hat is off to you, even though I don't wear one!!! Once again, thank you so much for
helping us relax, and in giving us the ability to laugh at ourselves and relieve all that tension."

Susan M. Marler - Judicial Administrative Supervisor, Juvenile Court of Cobb County Georgia
"Dear Dr. D:
The employees of our Court thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Friday at our picnic. The
weather was lousy but your humorous anecdotes brightened our day. This is my second time
hearing you speak and I laughed just as much this go around. I especially enjoyed the audience
participation. Being able to laugh at yourself is a valuable life skill. Watching my coworkers act
silly sort of put work life in perspective. Definitely don't take it too seriously I would highly
recommend your Humor for Health talk. I hope I have an opportunity to hear you again. You can
never get enough laughter."

B. J. Grant, PHR, - Assistant Vice President, Director of Human Resources, FSC Securities Corporation
"Dear Dr. Joel:
I wanted to let you know how much our staff enjoyed your recent visit to our company. As we
are undergoing a lot of changes, it is easy to get "stressed out"while facing a multitude of
priorities. Our managers enjoyed an opportunity to take a break and be reminded of the
importance of humor in the workplace. I have always appreciated the definition of humor -
'Tragedy + Time" and you helped remind us that it is important to laugh at ourselves. Best wishes
for continued success. You have a great message!"
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