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Tom Antion - is a fun and exciting keynote speaker and seminar leader who would be a great opener or closer for your corporate or association meeting. He is the author of Wake 'em Up Business Presentations. Your organization gets 100 FREE copies of this book when you invite Tom to appear at your event. Tom is a veteran of over 2000 entertaining and informative presentations. He has been featured on radio and TV worldwide. His presentations are highly customized so that he hits a home run every time. He guarantees it!
Allan Misch and Allan Kaufman rapidly eliminate public speaking fear. Allan and Allan are exciting speakers and seminar leaders who'll deliver an entertaining, interactive program for your corporate or association event. They're experts with over 40 years combined experience in public speaking. They assist corporate leaders and other business professionals to: (1) improve their presentation skills; (2) rapidly reduce and eliminate performance blocks such as presentation anxieties, public speaking fear, jitters, and stage fright; (3) speak with confidence, influence, and power; and (4) boost performance.
In their eye-opening, jaw-dropping, interactive program "No Sweat Speaking(sm)," they reduce or eliminate some participants' speaking anxieties in just a few minutes and show all attendees how they can do it themselves! They're also available for individual presentation skills coaching. Check out Allan and Allan's website. Sign up for their free NO SWEAT SPEAKING(sm) EZINE and get 2 valuable, FREE reports.
Leadership Development with Cutts Group - We provide organizational development, coaching and the training criteria to identify, prioritize and quantify the leadership skills needed for building superior organizations. Take a free product demo...

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