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Got Stress? Dr. D explains what stress is, what causes stress,
how it is bad for our bodies, and how to get rid
of the stress in your life.

How is stress harmful to our bodies?

Our bodies’ initial response to stress, as mentioned above in the fight or flight response, occurs when we are faced with an unexpected change or occurrence. Let me give you a personal example of the fight or flight reaction that occurred to my wife and me several years ago. One evening while we were sound asleep, we were awakened by a loud noise downstairs. Immediately our breathing and heart rates altered, our eyes became more focused, and our hearing more acute. Our bodies in a matter of seconds mobilized for action. Much to our relief, everything calmed down after I found the dryer had been placed on long cycle and a sheet had twisted, causing the door of the dryer to continue to open and bang shut.

Our bodies can handle this type of temporary surprise; however, when the surprise continues day after day, week after week, then the complex biochemical process that occurs in our bodies when stressed becomes harmful instead of helpful.

Psychoneuroimmunology is a word that describes the study of the connection between “psycho” or mind, “neuro” or nervous system, and our immune system. What this study has shown scientists is that when we are stressed out emotionally, it can suppress our immune system and make us more susceptible to illness. In learning how to lower stress levels through stress management ideas like meditation and visualization, we can strengthen our immune system. This is another good reason we should practice safe stress.

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